Raj Express (Bundelkhand, MP, India) 24-06-2014

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A French woman is teaching violin to Children.

Khajuraho (R.N.N)

As a member of the Blue Bank association, a French woman named Violette is teaching violin to children. Along with entertainment and music the children are busy learning violin from the foreign lady.

The Blue Bank association strives to enrol people towards working for the environment, and in this program Vijay Soni, Mohammad Anvar, Ashish Singh and Chaleraja are giving their cooperation. Abhishek Trivedi, Udit Soni and Jayhind Trivedi have been learning violin for two years with the foreign lady.


(Translation from Hindi by Vio)

[OK. I'm not a member of Blue Bank. Animesh - not Abhishek - has been learning from me for 2 years. Udit has been learning with me for just over 6 months. And Jayhind is not learning violin from me, he was accompanying us on tabla. Ah, press people!!!]

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